About me

Born in Liberec, Czechoslovakia

Martina Portychova started her musical education when she was just five years old. She was enrolled at the elite Public Music Academy for piano, and also auditioned for the prestigious Children's Choir, where she remained a member throughout high school.

In 1995 Ms. Portychova moved

In 1995 Ms. Portychova moved from the rolling green pastures of the Czech Republic to the Arizona desert. She lived in Tucson where she attended University of Arizona and earned her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Voice Performance. When she was not performing, she would explore the desert on her Arabian horse Gypsy Gaim and compete in endurance races.

She remained in the United States

after her education was completed and moved to New York to seek her professional life. Recently she officially became a citizen here. This was an essential life goal and her American identity is important in her life. Maintaining dual citizenship in both the Czech Republic and this country gives her a seamless advantage to working anywhere between the European Union and here in the United States.

Having grown up in Eastern Europe

Ms. Portychova speaks a number of languages. Russian, Czech, German, French, Italian, and Latin are her most fluid.

If we did not have the great fortune of Ms. Portychova realizing her dream as an opera singer, she would have become an ostrich farmer.

Her other personal interests include skiing, horseback riding, and target shooting.